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A. Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ)
Operating from our integrated container handling and timber processing complex at NKOK, our business activities are:-
1) Container Handling and Stuffing Services
2) Klin Drying
3) Warehousing
4) Manufacturing of Doors, Mouldings, Finger-Joints and Furniture

Our Container Handling Terminal can handle about 24,000 containers per year.

We operate 24/7 (24 hours per day, seven days a week and 365 days a year) with a trained team of highly experienced professionals moving our customer’s stocks speedily and seamless to the vessels. The scope of our services include:-

  1. Transportation of sawn timber to GWI premises
  2. Container Handling and Stuffing Services
  3. Declaration
  4. Loading to the vessel

We operate the largest (20 chambers) and state of the art kiln drying plant in Gabon using an eco-boiler. We have a trained team of highly experienced professionals to provide complete packaging services of bundling, stenciling and plastic wrapping.



This forest is operated under a Sustainable Forest Management Convention (CFAD). The logging operations are carried out exclusively by GWI employees. All the logging machineries, fleet of transport vehicles and road maintenance machineries are owned by GWI.

The bulk of the logs species found in GWI’s concessions have good commercial values and very suitable for various types of further downstream processing activities. Beside Okoume, exotic species such as Keva, Beli, Ebiara, Ovangkol, Dibetou, Padouk, Doussie, Bilinga, Azobe, Acajou and etc. can be found abundantly in GWI’s concession. The annual production capacity is approximately 400,000m3 of round logs of logs.


GWI sawmill plant have 11 bandsaw production lines and 2 horizontal saws in total. The annual production capacity is approximately 36,000m3 of sawn timber (depending on species). The finished sawn timber is transported to GWI’s Container Handling Terminal.

The Gabonese Republic acknowledges the important contributions of forestry sector to the economy of Gabon and has taken steps to provide a conducive environment for further development and investment in downstream industries and activities.