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GWI is an Integrated timber operator – with Upstream and Downstream operations

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We are a Malaysian Company who has been investing in Gabon since 25 years ago. Gabon Wood Industries (GWI) was established in 2012 in the Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ). We own 12 Ha of industrial land and 400,000 Ha of forest near Mouila, in the southern part of Gabon, on the west coast of Central Africa with an annual production of approximately 400,000m3 of round logs. We operate our forest under Sustainable Forest Management practices ensuring the products you buy from us are of quality, reliable and most importantly, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

                                      our   V I S I O N ⸻⸻

                    ⸻⸻   and   M I S S I O N

  • To promote timber related products in both local and export markets.
  • To participate actively in the economic and social development of Gabon by setting up 1st ,2nd and 3rd transformation industries like sawmill, veneer factory, plywood and furniture factories.
  • To increase job opportunities, business opportunities and generate income for the people of Gabon.

  • To create value for our stakeholders and the Gabonese Republic.
  • To provide reliable and long term quality timber products to the timber-processing industries and its end users.
  • To co-operate with the Government in its national effort on forest management development and to promote investment and business venture between Gabon and Malaysia.
  • To obtain FSC FM / PEFC certification.


G A B O N   S P E C I A L   E C O N O M I C   Z O N E  (G S E Z)



We’ve set up an integrated timber processing complex with a built-up area totaling 50,000m2 with the following facilities :-

1)  Kiln Drying Plant with an annual capacity of 91,200m3.

2)  Container Handling and Forwarding Terminal with a capacity of 12,000 containers per year.

3)  A Sawmill with a capacity of 24,000m3 per year of output.

4)  Downstream manufacturing of the following products :

  •             – Doors – Capacity : 8,000 doors per month.
  •             – Living / Dining / Bedroom Furniture – Capacity : 40 containers per month.
  •             – Office Furniture – Capacity : 40 containers per month.
  •             – Outdoor Furniture – Capacity : 40 containers per month.
  •             – Stumps / Slabs / Unique Furniture – Capacity : subject to demand.
  •             – Lamination Board :
    •                         > Solid Lamination – Capacity : 1,500m3 per month.
    •                         > Fingerjoint Lamination – Capacity : 1,000m3 per month.
  •             – General Mouldings – Capacity 1,000m3 per month.

5)  Factory / Land for Lease – we have excess land and factory space for lease.

6)  Machinery for Rent – A fleet of machinery for rent.

7)  Business Opportunity – since logs are banned from export, the business of producing veneers is extremely feasible. We are seeking business partners to invest in this industry.




Our Mouila Sawmill is currently running with an annual production of approximately 30,000 m3 of sawn timber.

We export sawn timber in the following species: Okoume, Beli, Ebiara, Ovangkol, Dibetou, Padouk, Doussie, Bilinga, Azobe, Acajou, Bosse, Dabema, Iroko, Izombe, Movingui, Niangon, Okan, Pachyloba, Paorosa, Sapelli, Sipo, Tali, Tiama, Wenge, Gheombi, Andoung and others.

Our markets include Europe, Middle East, Far East Asia (China, Philippines), Africa and other countries.



GWI is an Integrated timber operator with Upstream and Downstream operations. We have a total of 400,000 Ha of sustainable Forest with 3 sawmills in operation. We own bulldozers, loaders, motorgraders, compactors, excavators, backhoes, skidders, dump trucks, logging trucks, sawn timber trucks, tugboats, cranes and many others.

B u i l d i n g  a   b r i g h t e r   f u t u r e   t o g e t h e r .


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