Fast & Efficient

Our Container Handling Terminal can handle about 12,000 containers per year. We operate 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm with a trained team of highly experience professional moving our customer’s goods speedily and seamless to their arranged vessels.

We have a team of dedicated and competent Logistic professionals in handling all your forwarding needs. Fast inspection by Forestry and Custom. Preparation of documentations for declaration and securing Bill of Lading in a fastest and highly efficient manner by our committed professionals.

Check out our entire container handling process by clicking through the slideshow to the left!



 —-        WHY CHOOSE GWI?        —-

–    Loading and unloading containers/ sawn timber / veneer 7 days a week from 7am. to 8pm.

–    Immediate unloading upon arrival, no time wasted

–    Plenty of shed and plenty of space (large storage and warehousing capacity, build-up area of 50,000 m²)

–    Well organized space for multiple customers, zero risk of mixing

–    Largest Container Handling facility. Able to stuff minimum 30 containers a day. Average 10 x 40′ & 20 x 20′ containers a day.

–    Yearly capacity 24,000 containers

–    Our Stuffing team are highly efficient, well trained with many years of experience. Quick stuffing with no damage to timber or products.

–    We provide one stop service from Transportation of sawn timber, Container Handling and Forwarding Service, Declaration till loading to the vessel and finally obtaining an OBL. No additional manpower is needed from you.

–    Fast inspection by Forestry and Custom under Single Window Clearance (SWC)

–    Business friendly (our staff can converse in English/Chinese/Frenchflexible, efficient and fast.


Come visit us in the Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) in NKOK or

Contact us here! +241 (0) 62 18 28 84 / 77 80 08 78
                                              74 85 45 33 / 74 97 99 99

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