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We operate the largest and state of the art kiln drying plant in Gabon with a yearly capacity of 91,200m3 using an eco-boiler. We have a trained team of highly experienced professionals to provide complete packaging services including bundling, marking, stenciling and plastic wrapping.

Check out our entire kiln drying process by clicking through the slideshow to the left!



 —-        WHY CHOOSE GWI?        —-

–   Largest Kiln Drying facility in Gabon

–   Specialized in Kiln Drying for more than 30 years

–   If the timber has been kiln dried in GWI, there is no double handling

–   Plenty of shed and plenty of space (large storage and warehousing capacity, build-up area of 50,000 m²)

–   All timber is kept safe under our shed

–   Able to provide ISPM-15 Certificate for USA market

–    Provide Kiln Dry Certificate

–    Provide Heat Treatment service with Certificate if require

–    Loading and unloading containers/ sawn timber / veneer 7 days a week from 7am. to 8pm.

–    Immediate unloading upon arrival, no time wasted

–    Well organized space for multiple customers, zero risk of mixing

–    Packing and bundling are set to Export standard

–    Provide plastic wrapping for kiln dry timber to facilitate Conventional/Breakbulk shipment

–    Business friendly (our staff can converse in English/Chinese/French), flexible, efficient and fast.


Come visit us in the Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) in NKOK or

Contact us here!  +241 (0) 62 18 28 84 / 77 80 08 78
                                              74 85 45 33 / 74 97 99 99


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