Gabon Wood Industries has been certified FSC Chain of Custody. License Code FSC-C159482. This certificate allows Gabon Wood Industries to access the FSC Logo trademark portal/Label generator. The validity of the certificate is from 14/11/2020 to 12/11/2025.
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FSC COC AUDIT  2 0 2 1


The FSC Chain of Custody audit lead by Mr. Ugo Lapointe took place on September 15, 2021.

Various area has been audited, including:
a) Medical certificates and policies.
b) Training workers on the procedures.
c) Internal auditing.
d) FSC regulations and training.
e) Data on volumes sold and produced.
f) Traceability of the processing chain, wood treatment and proper PPE.

The audit was positive and he was impressed with our diligence.



Good product traceability allows our products to be tracked across the entire chain of supply, no matter how the timber is processed. This allows the consumer to be aware of the raw material’s origin and guarantees the safety of the product by detailing its journey through the entire process, ensuring safe operating methods and environmental responsibility.




Our “Zero Waste” policy means that every part of the tree that we harvest is used in every possible way. Our unique eco-downstream furniture utilizes all parts of the tree including the stumps, branches, crotches and even rotten logs! We want to ensure that no part of the tree is wasted and left to impact the environment and its sanctity. We also use an eco-boiler for our kiln drying services that converts any waste we have into heat.

Check out how a single tree can be used to make all of our products!

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