S U S T A I N A B L E    F O R E S T ,  S U S T A I N A B L E   F U T U R E

Sustainability    is the key towards the consistent and reliable supply of wood in our future. Our environment plays a huge impact in the way we live. Thus, GWI takes sustainable forest management very seriously by ensuring environmental preservation according to FSC’s strict guidelines. These include dedicated waste management systems, prohibitions on wildlife hunting, and most importantly, logging site regulations and product traceability. 

Before we harvest    any trees, its size and diameter are recorded precisely. We only stick to harvesting trees that are in a selective number of age and species so as to allow younger saplings to revive the forest in the coming years. This involves a complete cycle of identifying, harvesting and regenerating to allow a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of wood. Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) also plays a huge part in reducing any environmental damage we might cause. This includes careful extraction processes, transportation safety, skidding, and the construction / maintenance of roads.


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