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We’ve set up an integrated timber processing complex with a built-up area totaling 50,000m2 with the following facilities :-

1)  Kiln Drying Plant with an annual capacity of 91,200m3.

2)  Container Handling and Forwarding Terminal with a capacity of 12,000 containers per year.

3)  A Sawmill with a capacity of 24,000m3 per year of output.

4)  Downstream manufacturing of the following products :

  •             – Doors – Capacity : 8,000 doors per month.
  •             – Living / Dining / Bedroom Furniture – Capacity : 40 containers per month.
  •             – Office Furniture – Capacity : 40 containers per month.
  •             – Outdoor Furniture – Capacity : 40 containers per month.
  •             – Stumps / Slabs / Unique Furniture – Capacity : subject to demand.
  •             – Lamination Board :
    •                         > Solid Lamination – Capacity : 1,500m3 per month.
    •                         > Fingerjoint Lamination – Capacity : 1,000m3 per month.
  •             – General Mouldings – Capacity 1,000m3 per month.

5)  Factory / Land for Lease – we have excess land and factory space for lease.

6)  Machinery for Rent – A fleet of machinery for rent.

7)  Business Opportunity – since logs are banned from export, the business of producing veneers is extremely feasible. We are seeking business partners to invest in this industry.


We operate the largest (30 chambers) and state of the art kiln drying plant in Gabon using an eco-boiler. We have a trained team of highly experienced professionals to provide complete packaging services of bundling, stenciling and plastic wrapping.

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Our Container Handling Terminal can handle about 12,000 containers per year.

We operate 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm with a trained team of highly experienced professionals moving our customer’s stocks speedily and seamlessly to the vessels. The scope of our services include:-

  1. Transportation of sawn timber to GWI premises
  2. Container Handling and Forwarding Services
  3. Declaration
  4. Loading to the vessel

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Our Sawmill in NKOK is situated in the Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) with a total production capacity of 24,000m3 per year output. Currently, our NKOK Sawmill is open for lease, allowing you to start with minimum capital and immediate operation. We have a wide range of complete sets of machineries, and by renting our sawmill, you also gain benefits such as: No corporate tax for 10 years, convenient KD in-house services, Container Handling Forwarding services handles by the GWI team and many more.

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Not only do we offer a wide range of raw materials and services, but GWI has also been involved in the downstream industry for over 40 years. Here, we make the finest products from exotic African species. In our downstream production lines, you can find doors, general moulding, and all kinds of outdoor, indoor and creatively designed furniture to deck out your home with! All of our downstream products are 100% Made in Gabon, 100% produced in exotic African species and 100% solid wood.

We are also determined on implementing a no-waste approach towards the trees we use. The roots, stumps and branches are all turned into one-of-a-kind furniture that is both eco-friendly and unique. All of our unique furniture is developed by our in-house design team.

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Looking for a Factory, Kiln Drying Plant or Sawmill to rent?

Start your business with minimum capital with GWI!

Enjoy all the incentives accorded to every investor in GSEZ  together with the bonus of free access to all of our logistics complete with 24/7 supply of electricity and water!

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Here at GWI, we also provide a variety of our machinery for rent, ranging from specialized, to versatile, to transport-based machinery. Find TEREX machines, track loaders, tugboats, sawn timber trucks, dump trucks and etc. in our catalogue below.

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– Seeking partnership to Start Veneer Factory –

Since logs are banned from export, the business of producing Veneers is extremely feasible.  Join GWI and start a Veneer Factory! We have everything needed to start, from round log supplies, kiln drying chambers, sawmills, factories for rent and land for lease! Working with us also means you get all the benefits of an investor in GSEZ as well as access to all our logistics.

Get your business started now! Contact us if interested.



Our forest operates under Sustainable Forest Management Practices. All logging machinery, transport vehicles and road maintenance machinery are owned by GWI.

The bulk of log species found in GWI’s concessions have good commercial value and are very suitable for various types of downstream processing activities. Besides Okoume, exotic species such as Keva, Beli, Ebiara, Ovangkol, Dibetou, Padouk, Doussie, Bilinga, Azobe, Acajou and etc. can also be found abundantly in GWI’s concession. The annual production capacity is approximately 400,000m3 of round logs.

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Our Mouila Sawmill has 11 bandsaw production lines, 2 horizontal saws, a ponysaw line and a multirip. The annual production capacity is approximately 30,000m3 of sawn timber (depending on species). The finished sawn timber is transported to GWI’s Container Handling Terminal.

The Gabonese Republic acknowledges the important contributions of the forestry sector towards Gabon’s economy and has taken steps to provide a conducive environment for further development and investment for downstream industries and activities.

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